Problem Solving 101: What Is Your Emotional Destination?

Did you know that our souls are here to experience life themes that we label as emotions? These life themes are part of an Akashic Records reading, and they are where your alignment is rooted. When problems arise, they are magnificent opportunities to course correct your soul's alignment. So as you approach problems, a good place to start is to ask yourself how you would like to feel once things are worked out. Quiet your ego-mind and turn inward, imagining your feelings once resolution is in place. What do you wish to experience? Peace? Integrity? Compassion? Empowerment? Joy? Whatever it is, the desired emotional destination can guide your thinking to identify a solution. And chances are, this solution will bring deeper satisfaction than ones developed by muscling through on logic alone. So go deep and tap into your soul's emotional intentions. And then repeat as needed. Because life will always have something new in store, under the guise of problems that are really your map to all the richness. Richness, by the way, that reflects the beautiful preciousness of you.

Problem Solving 101: How Do You Want To Feel?

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