Problem Solving 101: One Soulful Step At A Time

Before taking on a problem, challenge, or big project, the first thing I like do is boost my feeling tone. For me, this means going for a run. Meditation in motion. A way to remember that I too am a part of Divine Source. If you are not into running, perhaps your conduit is through art, nature, music, or dance. For others, it may be through prayer or other spiritual practice. Essentially anything that facilitates a joyful, interconnected state of mind will help generate positive resonance. And when this is done in alignment with inner Divinity - in recognition that you and Divine Source are one - this is a powerful state from which to begin creating the life you desire. So as you approach your next problem, daring challenge, or big project, try using this framework to go out there (as well as deeply in there), to take it on - one powerful, joyous, and soulful step at a time.

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