Problem Solving 101: How to Start Living Your Dreams

Did you know that when you are facing a problem, no matter how big or small, there are only two base choices available? They are fear or joy. That's it. Those are the two root channels from which we operate. Fear can look like many things, such as procrastination, confusion, playing too safe or small, or self doubt. Pretty much any decision that is rooted in avoiding a negative emotional state is one that is fear-driven. The other channel is joy. And joy can look like many things, too. Sometimes it's exuberance, and other times it is the quiet stillness of peace. And of course there is a whole spectrum in between. So here's the thing - your ego-mind is designed to operate from that fear channel. But your soul - your beautiful, precious soul - it knows how to operate only from the joy channel. So the next time you are facing a challenge, a decision, the proverbial fork in the road, ask yourself which channel you would like to tune into. And dear precious one, you already know which one will make your heart sing and bring you the satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy that you seek.

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