Problem Solving 101: How About Trying A Mindset Massage?

What if we cared for our minds the same way we care for our bodies when we are feeling frazzled, depleted, stressed or sore? Just as you might treat yourself to a massage, what do you think about treating your mind to the same loving kindness? You know how good it feels to have your muscles massaged - with touch that nurtures all those parts that work so hard - plus gentle tugging and stretching of those parts that aren't quite as pliable? This is precisely what a good coaching session does. Like a massage, mindset coaching nourishes the thoughts and beliefs that are supporting your growth, while bending and rehabilitating those that are taking you off track. When done in combination with an Akashic Record reading, this is an incredibly fast and effective way to hit that reset button, get back on track, and reconnect your mind with your soul.

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